Yoga and creativity are my enduring passions in this lifetime. I have been a maker of some sort for as long as I can recall. When I am working with fabrics, making shapes and building structures, time just flows. In my yoga practice I recognise this same absorption when I am moving energy through my breath and body.  

Sundara Studio was born in 2009, in the midst of building my young family. The birth of my second baby set forth wave upon wave of creativity. It was also when I decided to formalise almost a decade of yoga practice into training to become a teacher. Creativity and my yoga practice have continued to anchor me through all the life changes raising a family brings and also through becoming a mama for a third time.

It is with great love and gratitude I offer Sundara to the yoga community to inspire a beautiful and intentional practice.  

I can also be found writing about yoga, parenthood and the quest for flow and freedom at The Yoga Parent.